The gaming industry is evolving at a lightning pace, and customer engagement/customer experience has emerged as a critical differentiator for success. More and more gaming companies are realizing that contact centers are not just cost centers but also engines for revenue generation. Here’s an example by Bridj and how they utilize Helpshifts tools to help start generating revenue by the contact center. By effectively utilizing player data, businesses can uncover trends, proactively engage players, and turn their contact centers into profitable player support hubs.

Let’s explore how user data can help enhance player engagement, increasing their time in your mobile gaming app and their in-app purchases.

Harnessing The Power of Player Data:

Player data is full of insights into how gamers interact with your mobile app. It tells a compelling story about their behavior, preferences, and engagement levels. By adding in data from outside sources, businesses can map patterns and trends that form key performance indicators (KPIs) such as hours played, number of sessions, session length, amount spent, and churn rate.

According to a report by Accenture, companies that shape their customer experience strategies based on data-driven insights can enhance their business value by up to 70%. As a gaming business, leveraging these insights can lead to increased gameplay hours and drive more in-app purchases.

Proactive Player Engagement Through Data:

A proactive engagement strategy can significantly reduce player churn. By understanding player data, gaming companies can predict when a player might disengage and take proactive measures to keep them engaged. Monitoring session time or how often a player logs into the app is a quick way to identify these trends. If you’re seeing a decline, you can provide personalized offers, custom content, to instant player support.

Research shows that gaming businesses that proactively engage players witness an increase in player retention, as mentioned in this Forbes article by Helpshift CEO Eric Vermillion. Therefore, engaging players effectively leads to longer gameplay sessions and a higher likelihood of in-app purchases.

Spotting Trends with KPIs:

Key Performance Indicators provide a measurable way to gauge the efficacy of your gaming strategy. For gaming, relevant KPIs might include the average time a player spends on your app, the frequency of their sessions, or their engagement with particular features or levels.

Consider App Annie’s 2023 report, which states the average gaming session on smartphones lasts 6.4 minutes. A sudden dip in this average session time for a player could indicate disengagement, signaling the need for a proactive engagement strategy.

Additionally, monitoring KPIs like ‘hours played’ can help identify your most engaged players or ‘super users’. These players frequently use the app or play for longer durations and are typically more open to in-app purchases or premium subscriptions, thereby contributing significantly to your app’s revenue.

Embracing A Data-Driven Approach:

The key to transforming your gaming contact center into a profitable player support hub is to embrace a data-driven approach. By collecting data from multiple sources and understanding player trends, businesses can create an engaging gaming experience that keeps players hooked.

Player data isn’t just about numbers; it’s the voice of your players. It tells you what they want, how they want it, and when they want it. By tuning into this voice, you can create a personalized, engaging, and profitable gaming experience.


In the digital age, data is power. For the gaming industry, player data can be the game-changer that transforms contact centers into drivers of growth, enhancing player engagement and boosting in-app purchases. However, harnessing this power requires a thorough understanding of data, identifying trends, and a proactive approach to player engagement.

Leverage the power of data to understand your players better and turn your contact center into a profitable player support hub. The secret to success lies not just in collecting data, but in understanding it, interpreting it, and utilizing it effectively to keep your players engaged, satisfied, and spending.

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