Welcome to Player: Engage, the definitive podcast for games industry professionals who are dedicated to enhancing player experience, support, engagement, and safety. We believe that creating exceptional player experiences and fostering thriving communities are paramount in today’s gaming landscape.

On each episode of Player: Engage, we bring you insightful interviews with industry thought leaders. We delve deep into their vast knowledge and experience, exploring the obstacles they’ve faced, the strategies they’ve employed, and the latest trends and technologies they’ve embraced. We understand that player engagement is a crucial aspect of delivering exceptional gaming experiences, so whether you’re a support team leader, community manager, trust and safety professional, or a game developer, you’ll take away valuable insights and best practices that will empower you to create unforgettable player experiences.

The Player: Engage podcast is brought to you by Keywords Studios and Helpshift. Keywords Studios is the go-to technical and creative services provider to the global video games industry. Keywords Studios’ Player Engagement service line offers a comprehensive range of solutions, including multilingual player support, AI and automation tooling strategy and expertise, community management, and trust & safety services. With 20+ years of experience in the games industry and commitment to excellence, Keywords Studios helps game developers and publishers extend their game lifecycle and improve the value of their titles through better service and efficiency.

Helpshift, a subsidiary of Keywords Studios, is a player-first digital support platform that facilitates a guided support journey across modern experiences – anytime, any language, anywhere. Conversational AI, automation, machine translation, and segmentation quickly resolve players’ problems across immersive channels like mobile apps, gaming consoles, social messaging platforms, and XR experiences in over 150 languages. With Helpshift’s customizable tools, support teams yield cost-per-ticket savings, faster resolution times, and higher CSAT within weeks.

Join us on Player: Engage as we dive into the fascinating world of player experience, support, engagement, and safety. Together, let’s unlock the secrets to creating extraordinary gaming experiences that captivate players and build thriving communities.


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