I got to sit down with Kieran Donovan, the founder of k-ID. Fresh off securing an impressive $45 million in Series A funding from a16z and Lightspeed Ventures, Kieran shared some exciting insights into how k-ID is set to shake up the world of online safety for kids in gaming.

As fellow parents and gamers, Kieran and I dove into the nitty-gritty of what k-ID is all about. It turns out, there’s a lot more to keeping kids safe online than just clicking an “I’m over 13” button!

Key points from our conversation:

  1. k-ID aims to create a safer internet environment for children, addressing the limitations of current age verification methods. Kieran emphasized the need for more sophisticated solutions than simple pop-ups.
  2. The company is tackling the challenge of varying definitions of “kid” across different countries and jurisdictions. This complexity has been a major hurdle for online platforms trying to create safe spaces for young users.
  3. In 2023, gaming companies faced over $2 billion in fines for violating age-appropriate gaming experiences, highlighting the urgent need for better solutions. This staggering figure underscores the importance of KID’s mission.
  4. KID’s technology could benefit both large gaming companies and indie developers by providing accessible tools for age verification and compliance. Kieran expressed his desire to democratize access to these tools, ensuring even small indie games can offer the same level of safety as AAA titles.
  5. The funding will accelerate k-ID’s roadmap, including the development of self-serve tools for easier integration across various platforms. This could make implementing robust age verification systems more accessible for developers of all sizes.

As online gaming continues to grow, k-ID’s innovative approach could transform how children interact with digital spaces, offering parents like myself peace of mind and giving developers a way to create safer, more compliant gaming environments.

This technology represents a significant step forward in online safety, potentially reshaping the future of responsible gaming for the next generation. As a parent and a gamer, I’ll be keeping a close eye on k-ID’s progress in the coming months.

Greg Posner

Avid gamer with a passion for storytelling. My goal is to unpack the narratives of customers, partners and others to better understand how industry-leaders tackle today's challenges.

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