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In this insightful episode of the Player Engage podcast, host Greg delves into the fascinating world of gaming AI with industry veteran Stephen Peacock. With over two decades of experience, Stephen has been at the forefront of technological advancements in gaming, from his early days at AudioBrain to his transformative roles at Amazon Web Services and now as the head of games AI at Keyword Studios. The conversation covers a range of topics, including the rapid emergence of AI tools, the impact of generative AI on game development, and the ethical considerations surrounding AI in gaming.

Key takeaways from the episode:

  • Stephen’s unique approach to testing AI tools using his own headshots.
  • The evolution of AI in gaming and its application in areas like LiveOps and community health.
  • The future of AI in gaming and how it’s lowering the barrier to entry for game development.

To get a deeper understanding of:

  • How Stephen’s personal experiments with AI tools provide insights into their capabilities.
  • The role of AI in enhancing player experiences and maintaining healthy gaming communities.
  • Stephen’s perspective on the ethical sourcing of AI and its parallels with other industries.

For a full exploration of these topics and to gain valuable knowledge from a leading expert in the field, tune into the Player Engage podcast episode featuring Stephen Peacock. Discover the intricacies of AI in gaming and how it’s shaping the future of player engagement. Listen now to learn more.

Greg Posner

Avid gamer with a passion for storytelling. My goal is to unpack the narratives of customers, partners and others to better understand how industry-leaders tackle today's challenges.

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