Episode Description:

In this episode of Player: Engage, Greg interviews James Gallagher, the Head of Community Management at Keywords Studios. James shares his journey through various roles in the gaming industry, the evolution of community management, and strategies for building and maintaining strong player communities. They discuss the importance of community managers, the distinction between audiences and communities, and the role of different social media platforms in community building.

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Timestamps & Key Takeaways:

  • 00:01.42 – 01:34.09: Introduction and Career Journey
    • James introduces himself and his extensive background in community management, including roles at Techland, eBay, Rockstar, and Sony.
  • 02:25.18 – 04:31.60: Evolution of Community Management
    • James discusses the shift from early community management on forums to the rise of social media platforms like Facebook and Discord, and the importance of adapting to new tools and trends.
  • 11:20.93 – 13:33.59: Building and Engaging Communities
    • Insights into the differences between building audiences on social media and fostering interactive communities on platforms like Discord and Reddit.
  • 19:09.26 – 21:45.49: Strategic Community Building
    • Strategies for indie game developers to start building their communities, focusing on underserved niches and engaging players from the development phase.
  • 38:40.44 – 41:02.42: Managing a Global Team
    • James talks about managing a team of over 100 community managers across 31 countries, emphasizing the importance of structure, internal community, and promoting from within.

Key Concepts:

  • Evolution of Community Management: Transition from traditional forums to modern social media platforms and the need to adapt to new trends.
  • Audience vs. Community: The distinction between building audiences and fostering interactive, engaging communities.
  • Community Building Strategies: Practical advice for indie developers on identifying and engaging niche audiences.
  • Managing Global Teams: Effective management of a large, geographically diverse team and the importance of internal community building.
  • Adaptability and Curiosity: The importance of staying curious and adaptable in the ever-evolving field of community management.

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