Introduction Welcome to another exciting episode of the Player Engage podcast! Today, Greg Posner interviews Lesley Nagy, founder of Mind Body Trivia, a mobile game that promotes health and wellness through engaging trivia gameplay.
Lesley’s Journey from TV to Gaming Lesley shares her background as a TV host and her transition into the gaming industry. Inspired by her love for trivia and a conversation with her twin sister, Lesley created a trivia game combining health education with fun and inclusivity.
Creating Mind Body Trivia Mind Body Trivia stands out with its image-based answers and diverse trivia categories, including modern celebrities, health, fitness, and women’s sports. Lesley emphasizes the importance of featuring underrepresented topics.
Building the Game Greg and Lesley discuss the challenges of game development. Lesley highlights the importance of seeking help and the supportive role of women mentors. She shares her experience of assembling a talented team and overcoming obstacles in game design.
Community Engagement Lesley talks about the significance of building a community around the game. She listens to player feedback and incorporates their suggestions to improve the game. The excitement of engaging with the community during events like the Olympics is a highlight.
Technical Insights Mind Body Trivia is developed using Unity and PlayFab, allowing for asynchronous play. Lesley explains how this feature caters to modern trivia players who can play at their convenience.
Lessons Learned Lesley emphasizes the importance of having a big vision and staying focused on long-term goals, balancing day-to-day challenges with a broader vision.
Future Plans Lesley hints at exciting plans, including new content and features for Mind Body Trivia. She is passionate about continuing to innovate and create inclusive games.
Closing Thoughts Lesley shares her holistic approach to life, balancing career, family, and personal well-being. She invites everyone to try Mind Body Trivia, highlighting its unique features and the benefits of engaging with health-focused trivia.
Call to Action Download Mind Body Trivia for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Challenge yourself, learn new things, and get rewarded for walking. Join the growing community of trivia enthusiasts!

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